About V16

V16 Coffee Roasters is a hybrid project between climbers and baristas who wanted more from their coffee than a random pour of black java. What started as early morning brewing to fuel climbing sessions evolved into a company focused on organic craft coffee, the farmers who grow it, and our planet that supports it.

Taste and Feel the difference

While many coffees taste bitter and leave you jittery and wired, V16 Coffee goes through a rigorous selection process. All beans are hand selected for top of the line quality with no pesticides or chemical byproduct. These beans are directly shipped from high mountain regions to be roasted and cupped for your enjoyment.

All V16 Coffees are:

  • Organic
  • Direct Trade
  • High Mountain Single Origin
  • Directly Sourced Near Climbing Destinations
  • Small Batch Roasted in St. Petersburg, FL

Meet the Team